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Time Tracking

Bizinta innovates by combining time and expense entry into one operation. This simplifies your team’s lives by removing one extra screen and process for entry and approval.

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Time Tracking Features
  • Detail time recording with notes
  • Easy to use mobile app (iOS & Android)
  • Sophisticated by line item approval system
  • Automated reminders


Expense entries can be fully annotated and this acts as a great means of communicating status to the approver.

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Expenses Features
  • Integrated with Time Tracking for one workflow
  • Attach receipts from your phone’s camera
  • Automatic mileage calculation


Bizinta incorporates a powerful invoice management system that allows one click creation, easy editing and adjustments, and a robust pipeline to track your invoices from creation, to approval, delivery to the clients, and finally receipt of payment.

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Invoicing Features
  • One click invoice generation from Time & Expense data
  • Three billing models (T&M, Recurring, Milestone)
  • Granular Bill Rate System - Create bill rates by client/project/employee/role
  • Customized templates for each client
  • Record and track payments, credit memos, retainer accounts

Real-Time Reports

Reports that used to take a week to put together, take a minute. Having reports on demand, in real-time, and cross functional are a sea change in how you run your company and make decisions.

Real-Time Reports Features
  • Hundreds of custom reports at your fingertips
  • Report revenue, cost, margin, utilization instantly
  • Report by person, client, project, unit, industry
  • All exportable to Excel right at the report
  • Save report functionality


Bizinta’s scheduling system allows you to forecast your resource allocation and needs. Know who’s doing what, and when, and more importantly, when they will become available!

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Scheduling Features
  • Know when your people will be available
  • Request system for PTO/Vacation
  • Instant revenue forecasting using scheduling data

Project Tracking

Bizinta features sophisticated project tracking that is updated in real time as time. You’ll never wonder where you’re at with your project budgets again with Bizinta.

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Project Tracking Features
  • Track work to budget - get alerted when you’re over
  • Use project templates for easy setup
  • Detailed tracking to task and subtask
  • Collect historical data so you can bid more accurately

Skills Matcher

The recruiting pipeline is a way to track the entire life cycle of your relationship with your consultants. From talking to prospects, to hiring, to when they leave, you can track it all.

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Skills Matcher Features
  • Custom skill list that matches your company
  • Find the perfect person based on experience, skills, and training
  • Search skills, resumes, and bios
Client Stories

Our customer
success stories.

Bizinta’s system improvements, especially increased margin analysis, reporting, and expanded utilization features have helped us, during COVID, plug holes in our dykes. Helping RoseRyan make better strategic decisions on our business during this challenging time.

Donna Cutuli
Operations Manager, RoseRyan

Smoothest Day One that I’ve ever been a part of in a system integration/transition.

Andrew Ruff
President & CFO, TGG

Bizinta has caused a lot less mistakes when it comes to timekeeping and invoicing, and a lot less challenges. Our reporting is stronger and quicker than ever.

Danny Lewin
Director of PMO, OCI

We switched over to Bizinta and we saved about 50% of the time it took to do all of the scheduling and sourcing for our projects. We are very happy with Bizinta, and pretty much couldn’t live without it now.

Lori Kaiser
CEO, Kaiser Consulting

Moving to Bizinta has allowed us to cut down the time it took to get our invoices to our clients by 50%. The billing managers are extremely happy.

Jamie Saylor
CEO, Vault

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