Our Story

We set out to build an integrated system, designed for the specific needs of professional service companies.

Every process, every report, required multiple steps to complete. It was inefficient. It was error prone. The few reports we managed to use took days or weeks to pull together - insight into the business was non-existent.Because of all of that, growth was painful and difficult.

What we needed was an integrated system, designed for the specific needs of professional service companies.

A system where each aspect of the business, timekeeping, expenses, billing, scheduling, project tracking, and more would all share key data.  Leading to processes being streamlined and reporting that could combine information from multiple sources for powerful reports, in minutes not days.

But that system didn’t exist. So I made it.

What started out as an internal system morphed into a competitive advantage that propelled our consulting business forward. People kept asking, “Why aren’t you selling this?” So I took their advice and started Bizinta! I used my deep knowledge of the consulting industry plus over 25 years of experience in system design to build a system that not only solves your present operational problems, but solves future problems you don’t even know about yet.

With Bizinta:
Create real-time reports in seconds, not days.
Time sheets, expense reporting & billing are done in half of the time.
Get paid by your clients even quicker.
Make strategic business decisions based on facts.
This Means You:
Spend time analyzing reports, not creating them.
Achieve immediate ROI by saving time and money.
Increase your bottom line.
Have the data to run circles around your competitors.
Co-Founder and CEO

Matt Lentzner

Matt is a 20 year expert in Business Management of Professional Services Companies. He has the rare ability to understand both the technical and business side - mapping one to the other. He took that expertise and built Bizinta so the system and the business become one.

Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

Kevin Schimmel

Kevin's deep business background is a result of 20 years in the consulting and technology space helping startups to Fortune 500 companies grow while simultaneously becoming more efficient.  At Bizinta, Kevin uses his expertise in business operations to help small and medium (SMB) professional services companies grow smoothly, become more efficient, and ultimately more profitable.

Our Thinking

Build an integrated system that streamlines operations and delivers powerful real-time reporting, including forecasting and profitability, to professional service firms.

Tools For Every Stage

All the tools you need to effectively manage a growing business firm one stage to the next.

Founding Year

Bizinta has become a lifeline for other consulting firms to keep track of their people, clients, and operations.

All Types of Service Firms

We help you understand your business in real time, allowing your team to focus on meeting client needs.

Our Partners

Near Shore Staffing

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