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Kaiser Consulting, located in Columbus, Ohio, has experienced double digit growth over the last four years. The CEO was used to doing everything herself including sales, hiring, scheduling, deploying and other operational responsibilities.

Naturally, the rapid growth of the organization generated a need to develop a management team to help run the consulting firm and a system that would enable rapid learning.

In late 2015, Kaiser subscribed to the Bizinta product with the intent of implementing all modules of the platform in their operations. Kaiser Consulting selected the Bizinta platform to help achieve the goal of democratizing access to information while fully addressing all logistical, technical and security challenges.


Working closely with Bizinta, in just one month, Kaiser first implemented the scheduling module and eliminated its cumbersome excel model. They next replaced their external time and expense system with Bizinta’s with unanimous consensus that Bizinta is easier and more intuitive than their former system. The transition to Bizinta was only two time periods. The firm is now using the client billing module and manual invoices are a thing of the past.


The Bizinta platform provided Kaiser Consulting with the tools to effectively and efficiently manage a growing consulting firm. For Kaiser, tangible benefits of the Bizinta platform include:

More efficient scheduling and project planning for consultants so much more efficient—consultants are no longer double booked
Integration of the time keeping system and our expense tracking are in one place
Ability to manage and track many key performance indicators related to staff efficiency with information and reports from Bizinta
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RoseRyan, a successful finance and accounting consulting firm with more than 80 employees, services more than 200 clients in a given year. Matching the right consultant to a client has been the key to the company’s success.

Looking to improve coordination of key aspect of managing a consulting practice, the CEO wanted one system to house important aspects of the firm so that all members of the growing management team could find and access directly needed information.


RoseRyan first implemented the scheduling and recruiting modules and eliminated the excel models in use. The firm then replaced its time and expense system with Bizinta and tailored the platform to fit their business.

The Operations Manager then began the hunt to eliminate all outside systems and reports and to utilize the data in Bizinta. Reconciliations are a thing of the past and information is real time.


The Bizinta platform has augmented RoseRyan’s ability to stay nimble. By providing real-time visibility to all it stakeholders, the management team spends less time accumulating data and more time planning and responding to client’s needs. For RoseRyan, tangible benefits of the Bizinta platform include:

Quicker decisions for operational issues such as deploying of consultants
Increased efficiency in reviewing and approving time and expenses
Decreased client billing cycle by 33%
With more than 3 years of data in one integrated platform, RoseRyan can utilized reports to run financial data over a period of time and understand trends and predict business
Mead Consulting Group

“We can make changes in our weekly meetings and it rolls out live, in real-time, to everyone on the team.”
- Lisa Mead, President

Object Computing

“When it comes to timekeeping and invoicing, Bizinta addressed a lot of the problems we were seeing.”
- Danny Lewin, Partner & Director of Program Management

Business Management System for Professional Services

Bizinta is a cloud based business management system developed by professionals for professionals.

Bizinta is a cloud based Software-as-a-Service application developed by professionals for professionals. We help you increase visibility and exercise better control over your firm's resources: clients and people.

"Moved out of excel... manual [processes] are a thing of the past."

Bizinta simplifies the process of managing communication and report key aspects of your business across all markets and products. We help you understand your business in real time, allowing your team to focus on meeting client needs.

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Bizinta’s system improvements, especially increased margin analysis, reporting, and expanded utilization features have helped us, during COVID, plug holes in our dykes. Helping RoseRyan make better strategic decisions on our business during this challenging time.

Donna Cutuli
Operations Manager, RoseRyan

Bizinta has caused a lot less mistakes when it comes to timekeeping and invoicing, and a lot less challenges. Our reporting is stronger and quicker than ever.

Danny Lewin
Director of PMO, OCI

I've been singing the praises of Bizinta ever since we started using it to bill our clients. There's no way I could have efficiently implemented our administrative fee and minimum charge calculations with QuickBooks - it would have been completely manual and taken forever. Bizinta has automated all of it! Now that we’ve implemented Bizinta, I am thrilled to know we don’t have to find a replacement for QuickBooks.

Lisa Artisensi
Executive VP of Finance and Administration, All In One Accounting

Smoothest Day One that I’ve ever been a part of in a system integration/transition.

Andrew Ruff
President & CFO, TGG

We switched over to Bizinta and we saved about 50% of the time it took to do all of the scheduling and sourcing for our projects. We are very happy with Bizinta, and pretty much couldn’t live without it now.

Lori Kaiser
CEO, Kaiser Consulting

Generating invoices is way easier. It used to take hours and now it's one click with Bizinta, plus it syncs with our QuickBooks files too.

Juliana Doan-Le
Accounting Manager, TGG Accounting

We were using Excel and manual processes to run core operations like scheduling, invoicing, and reporting. Now we don't have to manually combine spreadsheets, use macros and pivot tables to get usable data and reports. With Bizinta it takes just a few seconds to see data and get reports, not hours or days. And switching to Bizinta was quick and smooth.

Chris Barnas
Senior Controller, TGG
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