Open Invitation to Professional Services Leaders - Learn About Making Real-Time Client Margin Reporting Needs a Top Priority

Establishing sufficient real-time reporting capabilities is a major operational trend at professional services large and small across industries. But too many companies still don’t have quick reliable reporting. I’ve been reaching out to connect with leaders at professional services companies across industries to discuss this topic. 

In this letter, I’m spotlighting dependable client margin reports as an example of the trend for two reasons. One, instant client margin data is vital for account management. Two, growth because good reports are tied to confident decision-making. 

To show you what I mean, I recorded this brief video in which you can see how real-time client margins can be easy to pull up and view. If you can, take a minute to watch it and let me know your thoughts on this type of reporting.

Real-time Margin Reports for Your Professional Services Firm - Watch Loom Video

If exceptional business reporting would give you an advantage, save you time, or you view it as a strategic must-have, then this is a good time to learn about the latest technology for professional services companies. 

Our company is squarely in the tech space providing affordable automation for smaller and medium sized professional services companies. Bizinta is known for providing reliable, fast visibility into business data - client margins are one type of report – you can have many others. Our solution scales and all of our clients become more profitable. 

Of course, while I’d welcome a chance to learn about your business and see if Bizinta could help, what’s more important to you is knowing about the trends and how your operations stack up. The companies with the best operations and tools will have an advantage over competitors. So, if you would like to discuss reporting trends let’s connect for fifteen minutes or an hour. You can select a time that works for you on my calendar. I look forward to meeting you.

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Kevin Schimmel

Co-founder, Bizinta Inc.

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